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Private room

Planning a business meeting? Or perhaps a private reception to celebrate a birthday or anniversary? Whatever the occasion, our team is on hand to help you make it a successful one.

How? Thanks to our private room! This modern space, with state-of-the-art lighting as well as works of art from the Loto-Québec collection on the walls, is the perfect place to hold any event!

Our private room is the ideal place for your holiday party!

Call us at 418-529-7878,  ext. 152-2016.

Services and equipment

Food service is available on site upon request. A service elevator and garage is available, should you need to bring in and store equipment.

The private room is equipped with a wireless presentation system and free Wi Fi, as well as a small kitchen and storage space. A portable coat rack is also available upon request.

Since rental packages are adapted to your needs, we ask you to contact us for more information.

(418) 529-7878 ext 152-2016 or at infoqc@ekkinox.ca

Layout options

Hollow square

22 persons


19 persons

Cocktail or private party

60 persons


60 persons


28 persons


40 persons


25 persons